Patient 28 (Page 1)

“The Ambassador”

Page 1 – Patient 28

Early on the morning of December 21, 2010, an inmate known as Patient 28 disappeared from her cell at Sabbath Day Asylum. I was her Doctor, and this is my confession.

Patient 28 was registered into Sabbath Day Asylum in June of 2004. She was catatonic upon arrival. unresponsive to external stimuli. What records we received indicated our Jane Doe was 33 years old. She was an unknown identity, it appears by design. In addition to having no name, Patient 28 didn’t have any fingerprints. The tips of her fingers were smooth. She wasn’t mutilated. Patient 28 was born this way.

What records we had of Patient 28’s came included in a box: a post-it note on a photo, paper-clipped to 2 letters and 3 checks. The first letter was signed by B. Grin, Esquire and instructed Sabbath Day to cash the first check immediately. It was enough money to cover seven years of care for Patient 28 at a generous rate of inflation. The second check was a donation to Sabbath Day Asylum, enough money to cover 10 seven-year stays at a generous rate of inflation. But this check was postdated January 1, 2011… as was the third check, but this one was made payable to me.

The instructions were explicit. Patient 28’s stay at Sabbath Day was contingent upon me, the Managing Physician, caring for and treating her. At the time, I didn’t realize I knew her.

The 2nd letter was a hand written note from Patient 28. It was dated only six month prior…

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