Occupy Wonderland

Dear Alice,

You seem like an open minded kind of girl, so in the spirit of goodwill, I am writing you this letter.

Here in reality things aren’t going to well. I’m exhausted by war, numb to the recession, deaf to the rhetoric, and immune to ignorance…

In summary, I’ve been liberated, free to go where I choose. So I am putting you on notice, I’m checking out of the echo chamber, and I’ve marked a big red ❌ over the heart of Wonderland.

In due respect to you, dear Alice, I won’t be entering through the rabbit hole. That would be tacky. Instead, I’m taking the cellar doors etched into the sky.

I am an unlikely protagonist, the untrained artist, that guy in the corner, the maestro on mute, but make no mistake, dear Alice…

I’m coming home.

Warm regards,


cc: Mother Goose

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