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Below is a schedule and overview of the short videos being released the week of April 6, 2020. Check back here at the times noted below. Videos will also be forwarded through Facebook.

“Occupy Wonderland”

“The Ambassador”

Four Part Series

A mysterious catatonic woman is registered into Sabbath Day Asylum and is obscurely linked to the Managing Physician, Aden Moss. In an attempt to figure out their connection, Aden recounts a childhood memory from when he was sick in the hospital with scarlet fever and hallucinated that penguins from around the country descended on Washington DC.

“Patient 28”

Page 1 – “Patient 28”: Introduction to mysterious, catatonic woman wheeled into Sabbath Day Asylum from the perspective of the Managing Physician, Aden Moss.

Page 2 – “To Whom It May Concern”: Open letter from Patient 28 regarding her mysterious ailment that no one can cure.

Thursday – “The Penguin Prophecy”: A handwritten message on a post-it links Patient 28 with Aden Moss. He recounts being sick as a child and hallucinating a series of imaginary news stories.

Friday – “The Million Bird March”: Young Aden’s hallucinations climax as penguins from around the nation overtake Washington DC in search of an ambassador.

April 8, 2020 @ 6:00 PM PST. (4:44)

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